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Paul Sandman

Paul Sandman

I was born in Winter Park, Florida in 1971 and moved to Glenview, Illinois in 1976. We survived the blizzard of 1977-1978 and subsequently lived in Hanover Park, Illinois prior to moving to the first address we lived at in Chicago, 2127A N. Magnolia. By this time I had already attended three schools and then attended Oscar Mayer for 4th, 5th & 6th grades, the longest stint at any of the eleven schools I attended from kindergarten until I graduated High School in 1989.

The schools I enrolled and attended are as follows:

  1. Eastbrook Elementary School (Winter Park, FL)
  2. Hoffman Elementary School (Glenview, IL)
  3. Greenbrook Elementary School (Hanover Park, IL)
  4. Oscar Mayer Elementary (Chicago, IL)
  5. Kenwood Academy (Chicago, Illinois)
  6. Waters Elementary (Chicago, IL)
  7. Jay Stream Middle School (Carol Stream, IL)
  8. Holy Name Cathedral High School (Chicago, IL)
  9. Lincoln Park High School (Chicago, IL)
  10. Mather High School (Chicago, IL)
  11. Truman Middle College High School (Chicago, IL)

Why hire me?

I will start with addressing your website's structure to make certain the build assists you in achieving your goals online. By defining the segments of your business in an order of priority, I utilize those segment's names to create categories and supply effective targeted magic content formats relevant to each category specifically. Content is King!

  • Give potential customers a feel for what you're like with photos that highlight your staff and their personalities
  • Plan ahead and make a list of the photos that best represent your business' vibe, atmosphere, and selection or services
  • Showcase your most popular products or the best work you've done to get customers excited about your services
Paul Sandman
Paul Sandman
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